Asana For Solopreneurs by Monique Malcolm

Asana For Solopreneurs

Learn how to set up Asana as your Biz HQ that helps you track, manage, and complete your business’ essential tasks.

Project management systems aren’t just for teams!

Solopreneurs can also benefit by utilizing the organization and project tracking provided by project management systems like Asana.

This training will show you how to set up a free Asana account as your business’s headquarters to help you track, manage, and complete your essential tasks.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 13 video walkthroughs of how to set up your Asana account covering the basics and more advanced topics like setting up your biz HQ.
  • Bonus: Pre-made Project Templates – You don’t need to create your projects from scratch use these templates as a starting point.
  • Bonus: Done For You Processes – Use these fully created task workflows as the starting point for your processes and then tweak them to fit your business.

Course Contents

Asana Basics
Asana's Hierarchy
2 mins
Asana Basics Overview
5 mins
Create A Project In Asana
2 mins
Add Tasks & Subtasks In Asana
3 mins
Create A Recurring Task In Asana
2 mins
Add Media Files To Asana
2 mins
Create Your First Project Board
5 mins
Create A Color Coded Calendar
6 mins
Invite A Team Member To A Project In Asana
1 min
Asana Advanced
A Few Ways To Customize Your Asana Boards.mp4
9 mins
How to create your own training library.mp4
7 mins
How To Import My Pre-Made Asana Project Templates
3 mins
Asana Project
17.7 KB
Done For Your
5.02 KB
Bonus Content
Behind The Scenes Of How I Run My Podcast WIth A Virtual Assistant
16 mins